Sunday, October 21, 2007

Da "Real" and The "Ideal"

Da "Real"

The "Ideal"

The first photo represents the "real" man, myth, legend Dave Pica and the second photo reveals what an "ideal" Dave Pica would be like. Right now I'm just a poor college student who enjoys hanging out with friends, going out drinking, sports, fishing, meeting women and cars. In the future hopefully I can accomplish being an "ideal" Dave Pica. A successful college graduate with a good job making decent amount of money who can enjoy having nice things, the ability to do things I love, and maybe one day settle down and have a wife.

You could say that I am very into going to the gym playing sports and the usual masculine activities. "At any given time, individual men as well as groups of men are engaged in an ongoing process of creating and maintaining their own masculine identities" (Katz, pg 351). From my collage you can see that I'm a typical masculine guy. "The differences between advertisements for male toiletries and those for female toiletries are marked and, to a certain degree, conform to certain binary oppositions which are generally accepted to relate to men and women" (Kirkhan and Weller, pg 269). Men and women are different and their products that they use should relate to them. Men are masculine while female are feminine. I see nothing wrong with advertising products differently between men and women. If I see a commercial with a women using a shaving cream to shave her legs it's not gonna make me want to run out and buy it. It does not relate to me. Products for males are typically going to have masculine qualities while female products are typically gonna display feminine qualities.


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